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December 30, 2020
The Jordan Harbinger Deals Strategy

If you're using advertising in your podcast, this strategy from Jordan Harbinger can boost your effectiveness. Jordan is a VERY popular show. Check him out at www.

Jordan Harbinger has all of his ads listed under a "Deals" page. Here is why this strategy makes sense. 

  • Your audience only has to remember one website address
  • Your audience may go there to look at one advertiser and end up purchasing from multiple
  • Your audience doesn't have to remember coupon codes
  • People may share that page with their friends boosting SEO
  • Jordan actually says "/deals" in his podcast which is being tracked as the actual address is /advertising

Jordan is mentioned on page 11 of Profit From Your Podcast.

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Welcome to profit from your podcast proven strategies to turn listeners into a livelihood. 

Jordan Harbinger is a phenomenal podcaster. I'm lucky enough to also call him a friend. This is a guy that does the work when it comes to researching future guests for his show. He does amazing interviews and is a guy that's in my book profit from your podcast.

He's one of the few that is making a living by having advertising only in his podcast. He does have a course but it's free.  He simply has advertising.  The only way you do that (and make a living), is by having boatloads of downloads. (and that's exactly what Jordan has). You can find him at

I want to talk about a strategy that he's using that I went, "That's really good, I'm gonna borrow that."That strategy is putting all of your sponsors (and these could be affiliate links as well), on one page. I just realized this as I was doing some quick research. If you are hear on Jordan's show, go  to JordanHarbinger com/deals. And as I did that, I see that's redirecting to So already, Jordan, is tracking how many people came from the podcast, and how many people came from the website.

What this does is I can see every single one of his sponsors. Have you ever done this? You go to the grocery store, and you look at your list, and it's like bread milk. By the time you come out of the grocery store, you have bread, milk, pie, peanut butter, chicken thighs, it goes on and on. And that's kind of why I looked at this thought, this is a really good idea.

The other thing is, if there are any kind of coupon codes or things like that, you don't have to have your audience remember them. They're right here, but you can go here. Another thing, if you have a niche audience, there's a really good chance that any kind of sponsorship or affiliate links are going to be kind of the same thing because you have a target audience. So you're going to have let's say you have a show about outdoor, manly kind of things, well, there's going to be a bunch of outdoor manly kind of sponsors that fit that audience. And you can have them all on one page.

The other thing this does is - it's a page - and there's this thing called Google (you may have heard of that). So when people are looking for deals on different products, your show might show up, and that might actually then lead to more income for you.

The other thing is, if you think about it, the good news about podcasting is you can listen to a podcast anywhere you might be right now in your car, walking your dog or at the grocery store or in the shower, wherever. That's the good news. The bad news is you're nowhere near a computer in many cases, except for that little one in your hand. And this way, if you every week, you say, hey, this week's sponsor is the so and so for more information, go to my, and you can see it and then the next week you go hey, this week, we got a new sponsor so and so on blah, blah, blah, go to my And the more you just repeat your, and obviously your website as well, your website.

This could be advertising, it could be resources. And this is what I've done. I've said on my I have a weight loss show and I go when you go to, you can see it. And what that does is reinforces that into your audience's head. So when they hear maybe they're in the shower, and they hear a sponsor, and you're like, "Oh, that sounds really cool. What was that website again? Oh, you know what I know what it is. It's the, slash resources, slash whatever it is you want to do."

And I think that's brilliant. It's just got so many pluses to it. And it helps eliminate some of those problems, like the fact that it's hard to get people back to the computer. And the fact that there's a much better chance now that they're not only going to order one of your sponsors but maybe multiple because they're all in one place. Check out Jordan at Jordan He is a phenomenal podcaster check out my book profit from your podcast proven strategies to turn listeners into a livelihood that is available on Amazon or wherever fine books are sold, or just got to profit from your Speaking of the website, that's also where you can subscribe for absolutely free on whatever app you're using. Go out to profit from your slash subscribe, and the next time a new episode is available, it will come right to your device. And if you did find value in this episode, I'm so glad Can you please tell a friend it really helps. Thank you so much. We'll see you again real soon.

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