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One thing that can happen "Because of Your Podcast" is you can end up with free stuff. There are some tips to pull this off.

Quick Tip: Do not contact the sales department - it is their job to SELL you their product.

Contact the marketing department - it is their job to get their product exposure and you have their target audience. Sometimes this requires giving a credit card number (to ensure you give it back), but there are times they will let you keep it. I always lead by asking to try the product and send it back. I always let them know that I reserve the right to create a negative review (and most companies want to hear constructive feedback).

For me, the microphone I use today is an Electrovoice RE320. I got it by filling out the paperwork. When I went to return it, they offered to "barter" to have me keep it. I talked about it on my School of Podcasting show for a month, and I got to keep it. It saved me $300. 

Glenn Hebert runs the Horse Radio Network (the new version of More Podcast Mone coming out later this year will have an entire chapter on Glenn "the Geek" Hebert. In today's show, Glenn talks about a new show he is doing called "Finding Florida" and how he and his co-host got a TON of free stuff, and nobody asked about their numbers.

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