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Today we are looking at how podcasting helps your audience:

Know you
Like you
Trust you
When they do those things, do you know what else they do? They BUY stuff from you!

Bill Strand from will buy cages that are more expensive than his competition, but they buy HIS cages because they want to support him

Today I play a clip from Hall of Fame Podcaster Gary Leland of on how he no longer spends money on Google Adwords. Gary created the show his target audience wanted to hear and Gary is his own sponsor. 

John Dennis got so many leads (GIANT LEADS) from his Smart Time Online podcast, he had to quick his podcast! 

I got great feedback on a product that is going to allow me to create a NEW product to meet a segment of my audience

Keep in mind you need to deliver value. Nobody tunes into an infomercial on purpose and it is way too easy to tune out of a podcast the minute you waste their time. 

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