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October 01, 2022
From Whining to Winning - Ask Your Audience to Give Back

Mark Des Cotes is a podcaster, graphic designer, and friend (he's the guy behind the School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach, and Podcast Rodeo artwork. You can find him atl Rings of Power Podcast ...

Mark Des Cotes is a podcaster, graphic designer, and friend (he's the guy behind the School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach, and Podcast Rodeo artwork. You can find him atl

Rings of Power Podcast

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Today you will hear how just changing the angle of your pitch can result in a much better result. Instead of complaining about how expensive it is to be in business, simply point you how you have delivered value, and if your audience would like, they can give back at an easy-to-remember link.

Maintain Control and Future Proof Your Monetization

On my Ask the Podcast Coach show, I use a link where I control where that link goes. For now, it goes to a page on the website where people can buy my book, leave a Paypal donation, or become a patron of the show.

If you leave a specific link ( what happens if later something better comes along? You have a bunch of episodes with an outdated link.

I create that link with a built-in tool from Podpage. If you're on WordPress you can use the pretty links plugin.

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0:00:00.2 Dave Jackson: You know him from many different things, I know him from It's Mark Des Cotes.

0:00:06.5 Mark Des Cotes: Hey Dave.

0:00:07.4 Dave Jackson: You shared a story with me and you were talking about a show you had and you'd been for years kind of promoting certain things and you changed some verbiage and somehow a light bulb came on with your audience.

0:00:19.3 Mark Des Cotes: Yeah, that's my podcast network. I got into podcasting... Now, you know me of, I also have my Resourceful Designer Podcast that I'm now at episode 302, doing really well, but I got into podcasting by TV Fan Podcast is what got me into podcasting. So I started doing those, and across nine years of doing podcasting, I never had sponsors or anything, but I would ask for donations, and I would always say like, if you wanna support the show, this show costs money. It's a TV Show Podcast, I only podcast during the TV season, but I still have to pay for hosting and all that stuff during the off-season, if you wanna help me financially, it would be a different spiel every week. I was just basically pleading with my audience saying, hey, this is costing me money, do you wanna help me pay for this?

0:01:11.5 Mark Des Cotes: And in the nine years I did that across four different podcasts, one of them was six seasons, two of them were five seasons, so long running podcasts. And during that time, I collected... I think I calculated, I don't have the numbers right in front of me here, but I think it was something where eight or $900 that I had collected over a nine-year span, then I heard somewhere... And I don't know, I wish I could give credit Dave, but I don't remember where I heard it, but somebody said instead of asking for support, ask your listeners to give back. So I changed my message, I started a new podcast for the Amazon TV show, 'The Rings of Power,' 'The Lord of The Rings' show that came out, it's now... The season is now over, and I remember calling into your show, I was on episode four, and as of episode four, I had already collected... It was, I think at that point, I had collected over $400 in donations.

0:02:10.1 Mark Des Cotes: Now that the season's over, I've collected over $900 in donations, and this is the first season of this podcast, so I've already matched what I did in the first eight or nine years of podcasting for Solo Talk Media in one season, I've made the equivalent and what I changed was, I just... My message now is at the beginning of the podcast, I just tell you, Solo Talk Media is a listener-supported community, if you like what I'm doing, if I bring you value, if you're entertained, if you learned anything and you would like to give back here's the link you could visit, and that's it. I cut it down from a pleading whine, whine, whine, I need money, help me support, I got kids to raise and I can't afford this podcast type thing to, hey, if you like what I'm doing and you wanna give back, here's the link. And as I said, in one season, which was eight episodes long, I've now earned more money on this one season than I had in all the previous seasons I've done.

0:03:13.8 Dave Jackson: Perfect, I'm not trying to get into your wallet, what's the average donation? Like is there... Is it five? 10?

0:03:22.4 Mark Des Cotes: Most people are giving me $25. I did have this season, one person gave $100, most people gave $25, and I've had a few that were just $5. I did have a couple that set up recurring. Now, I don't know, it said here... There's a difference when you get the payment, it says here, somebody gave you a donation of... And then some of them were somebody set up a recurring payment of $5 a month, so I haven't received the second month worth to see whether they kept that going or if they canceled it, but at that point... Yeah, most donations were $25 and I set up two things, I had PayPal already. I've always done PayPal. This year, I set up Buy Me a Coffee as well. And that one there, I think I got about $75 through Buy Me a Coffee.

0:04:11.2 Dave Jackson: Very cool. And if somebody wanted to go listen to that 'Lord of the Rings' show, the website is?

0:04:16.1 Mark Des Cotes:

0:04:18.9 Dave Jackson: And if we need artwork, we go to?

0:04:21.5 Mark Des Cotes: Well, that's

0:04:23.7 Dave Jackson: And last but not least, if I wanted to...

0:04:26.8 Mark Des Cotes: If you're a graphic designer or if you know a graphic designer that wants to run their own business, I talk about running a graphic design business, not about graphic design, about running a graphic design business specifically from home, and that one's

0:04:39.8 Dave Jackson: Thank you, sir.

0:04:40.6 Mark Des Cotes: Thank you.

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