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Sept. 9, 2021

Everything You Wanted to Know About Online Courses with Melissa Guller

Mellisa Guller has a background in Marketing, Project Management, and Podcasting. Today I brought her on as she has a wealth of knowledge (after working for Teachable for four years) on online courses. 

You can hear more from Melissa on her Wit and Wire Podcast (also the name of her company). 


Today I get all your questions answered about building and selling an online course:

When is the right time to build a course?
How Long Should My Course Be?
What are the Common Mistakes?
What are the Top Challenges?
Should I use an Open or Closed Model?
What is the Underutilized Feature in Teachable
How Much Should I Charge For My Online Course
Should I Have Free Lessons?
What Percentage of My Audience Will Sign Up?
Why is the Number So Low?
Why Did You Choose Circle?


Wit and Wire Podcast Launch Accelerator

Wit and Wire Courses



Content Enrepreneur Study from

Circle Community Platform (great Facebook alternative)

Teachable Online Course Platform

Wit and Wire

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