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September 19, 2018
Does Being an Explicit Podcast Hurt Your Chances of Monetization

You can be explicit as you want in your show, but does it hurt the prospects of getting sponsors and growing your audience?

I saw a post on a Facebook Group:

Lila Donnolo

This is a sample of it

Now Patreon says they have transferred processing pledges for their "adult" creators overseas, where there will be an extra processing fee. Patreon already takes a substantial cut of our earnings, credit card companies take a cut, and now we will get hit (again!) with processing fees.

My account is NOW FROZEN AGAIN. I cannot access my funds from last month, and no new pledges can be made. I am losing potential income, especially since so many more people have been made aware of my podcast after my traveling adventures.

While I was at Burning Man and without access to my email, Patreon's "Trust and Safety" team sent me warnings about "nudity or implied nudity" in my publicly available Patreon posts. IMPLIED nudity?!!!! IMPLIED NUDITY. I'm really not sure what they were referring to.

When they didn't hear back from me (again, because I was at Burning Man and offline), they "temporarily suspended" my account. This was 12 days ago. 11 days ago I began the laborious process of making all of my posts - containing anything that a prudish company might delineate as "sensitive" - patrons-only. I also wrote 11 days ago to the "Trust and Safety" person who contacted me, Hunter, asking him to please reinstate my account.

As of today, I have received no response. I've reached out through email twice now, and through the website once. There is no customer service number that I am aware of.

I want all of us "adult" creators to be served well by our patronage service. Since that's not happening, I suggest that we take our business elsewhere. BUT WHERE?

Thus far, my earnings from Patreon only cover 1/3rd of my editor's fee each month, but: they cover 1/3rd of my editor's fee, and that is meaningful to me.

And then There is Cum Town
I randomly came across the Cum Town podcast. I might like the show if I was a 22-year-old male. I reviewed it on my Podcast Rodeo show. It wasn't horrible. I'm not a prude, but it seemed a bit too loose and unorganized for me.  One of their subscribers left a comment on the post

The post showed that they were making $450,000 a year. They have (as of 9/2018) 8463 patrons and making $37,970 a month (or $455,640 a year).

What floors me about this, is their listing in Apple podcasts points to the wrong site. Their website is and their Apple listing has it pointing to which makes me scratch my head (as they could be doing so much more).

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