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Selling is 90% mental. I used to teach sales many moons ago. When I work with clients who have products and services to sell, when I listen to their podcast their pitch sounds like this:

"Hey, like if you need, I mean you don't have to, but, like, if you kinda want to, you can maybe, like, go to, you know, my website (then said so fast you can't understand it)."

When I ask people why they did that they said they felt "Salesy." This typically is based on a bad stereotype of some sleazy used car salesman from the 1970s who is selling you a bucket of bolts that is going to barely make it off the car lot.

Your podcast is not a bucket of bolts so shift your thoughts from "Selling" to "Helping" or "Informing." You just need to find the right people who need your products and services. When someone says no, then they weren't your target customer.

I had a friend who was bummed she wasn't getting any speaking gigs. She never mentioned it once in her podcast. 

It doesn't have to be a giant pitch. It could be as simple as, "I was speaking at a high school and one of the students came up and asked me a question and I thought, "That would be a great topic for a podcast episode." With just that one sentence, your audience now knows you speak to high school kids. 

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