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November 23, 2021
Quit Wondering if it Will Sell: Creating a Focus Group For Your Online Course For Free

Don't invest a ton of money into a project launch if you don't know if your product will deliver on the promise. Today I talk about how to test a course for zero money.

You've come up with an idea for a course. You put together some videos, pdf, and more, but you're worried about putting out the money for something like Teachable. You are pondering using something like Udemy, but then the only way you can contact your customers is through Udemy. 

I found out about Membervault and I love their business model. You can use if for free up to your 100th customer. Then it's only $19/month. This provides a great way to have a website, course tool, and community tool all in one for free. 

Is there a catch? Kind of... You need to provide the videos. So you could use something like Vimeo ($7/month) or you could create a YouTube channel and have all the videos listed as unlisted (somewhat "security through obscurity). Then later once you have proof of concept, you can move to a different solution if you want to go bigger. 

Membervalut has its own unique feature set in that they have a Marketplace to promote your course, and the tool is drop-dead easy. 





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